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Anyone can be able to paint a house, a tree, a mountain, a landscape or anything else: anyone can reach perfection on their paints , so that they can seem true, but this only means that he is a good painter and nothing else. The painting, my painting is something different, it is a lifestyle, it is a never ending internal research and looking inside me among my deep means , to let them to flow onto the canvas with the intensity of my emotions and feelings which people can not see and understand otherwise: my painting is the expression of the soul, through a technical move, which is able to follow and see the tones of an enchanted lake or the nuances of a white snow night. Everyday I work hardly to let all this happen aimed to the final goal of creating paintings which can give me the real satisfaction coming from the awareness of my ability in instilling emotions.


The self-taught painter was born on 16th February 1961 in Bellano, a village nestled between the lake and the mountains. A marvellous place given of further luster by other villages like Bellagio, Varenna, Lecco, Como etc... Fascinated by the beauty of his home surroundings and with an infinite love for art, he decides with willfulness and dedication, to paint using his oil paintings these marvellous villages, a beautiful representation of the work of nature and of the man. Since then and for more than 20 years, he has been managing to express his ows art –through- his works, sharpening and elaborating his technique and style. In his paintings he ‘s able to reflect his soul, while the mind and heart create wonderful emotions. For years his works are being sold all over the world and take part in private collections of art. Roberto is proud and happy to imagine his works, disseminated all over the world, an to communicate to lots of people every day the same emotions he experienced in their creation. This satisfies him for his efforts and drives him to go working on his 'transmission of beauty'.


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